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Meet Napoleon alias Improv Actor Matthieu Vinel
in Paris with dinner or via Zoom

September 25th 19:00 – 22:30 CET in Paris with Dinner |  20:15 – 22:00 CET via ZOOM








          2021 marks 200 years since Napoleon’s death. Going down in history as an extraordinary complex character, Napoleon was admired, disdained, victorious, defeated, heroic and tragic with a controversial political, cultural and legal legacy.  At this Storytelling Salon, we will not debate whether Napoleon should be celebrated, condemned or commemorated. Instead, you will meet and interact with the man himself , alias Improv Actor Matthieu Vinel, whose impersonation will bring to life a candid Napoleon. He will share personal stories sprinkled with anecdotes, trivia, idiosyncrasies and ruminations, including issues he had with his accent, his eating habits and more. During the interlude, questions are gathered from guests for a live Q & A with Napoleon where Matthieu will showcase his improvisational skills. 

          Joining Napoleon after the interlude will be the little known Irishman Dr Barry Edward O’Meara (alias Sean Ryan) who was the Physician to Napoleon when he was imprisoned on St Helena. A friendship emerged and Dr O’Meara became Napoleon’s confidant as the two discussed politics, warfare, women and medicine. At Napoleon’s suggestion Dr O’Meara kept a diary and he will share some interesting tales and reminiscences. 

Matthieu Vinel’s story….

        Born and raised in Aurillac, France, the young Matthieu developed an early passion for history, specifically the Napoleonic era. This was triggered by reading the Memoirs of General Baron de Marbot. He also discovered early on an attraction for the stage. This led him to study at the ImproAcademy, Cours Cochet-Delavène, the NEW and the Improvised Musical. He landed roles, often playing historical figures, with Compagnie Nuit Blanche and in several Shakespeare productions. He recently joined the team at “Let Them Eat Cake”,  an immersive historical experience.  Acting has been in parallel with a career in the construction and transportation industries that took him to Australia, England and New Zealand. This followed a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Now based in Paris, his engineering career is taking a back-burner as he embraces his two passions, acting and history.  Learn more of Mathieu’s story at the salon.

            This is a hybrid event where I hope to welcome you either onsite at 19:00 in Paris starting with a Napoleon and Mediterranean inspired dinner (see menu below), or online at 20:15 via ZOOM.

Yours in story,


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What is a Storytelling Salon?

Monthly ONSITE in Paris and ONLINE via Zoom events featuring a Storyteller (Singer, Actor, Musician, Magician, Impersonator, Performer, Artist, Author, Dancer), who tells their story and ENTERTAINS, ENTHRALLS, EDUCATES, ENLIGHTENS or any combination thereof. Hosted from Paris by Bernadette Martin.

Who are the Storytellers ?

Entertainers, Artists, Impersonators, Musicians, Actors, Performers, Magicians, Authors, Singers, and Dancers who will ENTERTAIN, AMUSE, EDUCATE, ENTHRALL, ENLIGHTEN or any combination thereof and tell their story

Who attends ?

Storytelling Salon guests join ONLINE from around the world and ONSITE in Paris to mingle, interact and to be entertained.

What is the cost and how to RSVP ?

ONLINE via Zoom 10 Euros   ONSITE in Paris with 5-course dinner (starting with champagne) 48 Euros. 
Optional “tip jar” for Storyteller or contribution to Storytellers favorite charity. RSVP on Eventbrite site HERE. To view previous 70 + events click PAST EVENTS

What is the flow of a Storytelling Salon ?

19:00 – ONSITE guests in Paris arrive for 5-course dinner starting with champagne at private residence in the 10th arrondissement. Location details sent with RSVP

20:15  – ONLINE guests join via ZOOM (link sent 24hours in advance)

20:30  – All guest join for the program

22:00  – Wrap up,  Q&A,  mingling


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Date : TBD

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Meet Napoleon

Aias Improv Actor
Matthieu Vinel

Saturday Sept 25th

19:00 - 22:30 CET in Paris with dinner
20:15 - 22:00 CET online via ZOOM

Bernadette Martin

Founder and Host

Hello, bonjour and thank you for visiting the Storytelling Salon site. My story – I am originally from Los Angeles of Irish, German, and French descent and have lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the US.  Since 2002, I call Paris and Seattle home and feel truly“Euro-American”. I launched in 2016 (with almost 100 to date), the Storytelling Salons as a modern-day reflection of the 17th and 18th century Parisian Salons. Adapted to the 21st century, the Storytelling Salons gather online and in-person here in Paris, storytelling enthusiasts from across the globe featuring a Storyteller (performers, writers, artists), who entertain, enthrall, enlighten AND share their story. As host of these salons I am delighted to welcome virtually and here in Paris, guests from all walks of life and nationalities who share a common thread and passion for storytelling. Here I want to introduce the Storytelling Salon Team.
Yours in story,

Sami Scot

Music Accompanist

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Sami classically trained on the accordion at 5. Transitioning to keyboards and piano she joined a band at 10. Since, she has toured the world, notably France, Japan and Sweden, as a singer and pianist in leading hotels, cruise lines, restaurants and clubs. Home is now Chicago where she is a performance coach and created the PopUP Piano Bar Series.

Michelle Ou


Intellectually romantic globetrotter, Michelle lived in China, England, Australia and Hong Kong, before settling in Paris six years ago. A marketing consultant, brand strategist and culinary experience curator, in her spare time she practices the art of storytelling through gastronomy and photography.

Rob Sitbon

Web designer

Rob Sitbon is a webmaster, photographer and filmmaker. He studied at ESRA, one of the leading Film School in Paris. He shoots on location throughout the world. Rob is also an advertising and fashion photographer, whose work is published in ELLE Magazine, Gala, Voici, Femme Actuelle and on billboards. As a director his movie The War has participated in the « Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival » at the Quentin Tarantino's New Beverly Cinema.

Yukié Matsushita

Art Director
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Yukié is an artist with a multicultural background: Japanese, American, and French. She studied art and worked as a graphic designer in NYC, then moved to Paris in 1994. Author of "ABC & Phonétique," and other books, Yukié also creates productivity planners that incorporate "mind-mapping".

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